Today Louise from Compost for Brooklyn visited one of Vandra Thorburn’s Vokashi sites to learn about Bokashi.

A happy worm in Vandra's Vokashi pile.

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi in Japanese refers to the process of fermenting organic matter. The method uses anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation to ‘pickle’ organic matter in an airtight container with a bran that is inoculated with effective microorganisms. Once the matter is matured it can be planted in your garden or added to above ground composting boxes. Within weeks, the fermented matter is decomposed into highly nutrient rich soil ready for use as natural fertilizer or for planting.

Bokashi might be a great alternative for Compost for Brooklyn’s composters that can’t make it to the garden regularly. This method allows you to keep the food scraps sealed in an airtight bucket in your garden, house, or apartment for several weeks. No need to worry about a freezer full of scraps! Then, when you have time, you can bring it over to our garden at Newkirk Avenue and East 8th Street, and we’ll incorporate it into our composting system.

Buckets of fermented food waste

Vandra will be visiting Compost for Brooklyn soon to teach us about Bokashi! So check back here regularly or join our mailing list to receive our workshop schedule.

About compostforbrooklyn

Compost for Brooklyn empowers city residents to sustainably reduce waste and cultivate healthy urban ecosystems.
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