Compass Green comes to Compost for Brooklyn!

Compass Green will visit Compost for Brooklyn on Sunday, July 10th!

Please join us in the garden at Newkirk Avenue and East 8th Street to learn more about this exciting project.

About the Project

Compass Green is a fully functional greenhouse on the back of an 18ft box truck that runs on waste vegetable oil.  We offer presentations, workshops, and greenhouse tours to raise awareness on the world food situation and teach simple practical skills for a sustainable future. It is the first mobile greenhouse ever constructed to be run entirely on renewable energy.
Scheduled stops will be made at schools, universities, after school programs, summer camps, farms, markets, community centers, and cultural events nationwide. The workshops and presentations will focus on Bio-intensive methods of sustainable farming and solutions to the worldwide impending food crisis with an emphasis on growing one’s own food. The workshops and presentations will include tours of our greenhouse, where we will explain the techniques and technologies we used and how they can be applied in different environments.  Our presentations will be adapted for different ages, socioeconomic groups, and climates.
Biointensive agriculture is one of the most sustainable and well-researched systems of farming available today. Biointensive nourishes plant life in a variety of ways, starting at the pivotal intersection of sun, soil, water and air. By preparing the soil 24 inches deep through “double-digging,” one encourages root growth, aerates the soil, and improves water retention.  Soil fertility is maintained by growing carbon-rich compost crops (grains, etc.) and through proper composting techniques, which allow microbial life to flourish around the plant’s roots, improving yields and plant health.
With an ever-increasing population and an alarming decrease in farmable soil, it is important to share practical solutions to turn our situation of agricultural scarcity into one of abundance. By inspiring more local agriculture, Compass Green is the perfect vehicle to do this!

About compostforbrooklyn

Compost for Brooklyn empowers city residents to sustainably reduce waste and cultivate healthy urban ecosystems.
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