Thank you

Compost for Brooklyn would like to thank all of our friends and neighbors for their generous support and enthusiasm.

Thank you

for your donations

Bill Kolvek Perennials

Build It Green

Citizens Committee for NYC

GreenApple Corps

Friends of the High Line

Louise and Charles Marburg

for sharing your expertise

MillionTrees Training Program

Jennifer Blackwell of the NYC Compost Project

Clara Cornelius

Jaime Hidalgo

Andrew Hoyles of the Lower East Side Ecology Center

Ilya Nikhamin

Kasia Nikhamin

Carey Pulverman of the Lower East Side Ecology Center

Shuai Ren

Natalia Sucre

Victoria Sunny

Noah Vargas

Nils Wessell of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

for playing music in the garden

Rob Lundberg

Michaela Anne Neller

Angelo Spagnolo

Spirit Family Reunion

Nate and Henry Terepka of Zula

and a big thank you to all of our incredible volunteers!!

MLK Day of Service at Compost for Brooklyn with GreenApple Corps, MillionTrees Training Program, and volunteers Rob, Noah, Abbe, and Ashok.