What can I compost?

Please DO bring us:

  • coffee grounds
  • egg shells (but not whole eggs)
  • feathers
  • flowers
  • fruit scraps (freeze for easy storage)
  • grains
  • nut shells
  • paper bags (without ink)
  • paper towels/napkins (used for food spills only, no detergents or cleaners)
  • paper, shredded (without ink)
  • plants (non-diseased, no invasive weeds)
  • potting soil
  • tea bags
  • vegetable scraps (freeze for easy storage)
  • wood chips

Please DO NOT bring us:

  • compostable/biodegradable bags, utensils
  • dairy products
  • pets, dog, or cat waste
  • eggs, whole
  • fish
  • meat
  • oils, fats, and grease
  • plants, diseased
  • seeds
  • yard waste, leaves, weeds with seeds, invasive species
  • inorganic materials (plastic, metal, glass,
  • household cleaners, medications, etc

A few requests and tips for our composters

* Please DO NOT leave your waste inside or outside of the garden if no one is there. We can only accept compost during open hours. Clean sidewalks will keep rats away and our neighbors happy.

* Please chop or shred organic materials. The smaller the particle size, the more surface area there is — making more room for microorganisms to munch. This will help speed up the decomposition process.

* Worried about where to keep your scraps in your home? Put them in the freezer! One of our neighbors stores hers in yogurt containers in her freezer. Her method helps kill fruit fly eggs in fruit peels and keeps her kitchen clean and organized. (You do not need to thaw the scraps before you bring them to us.)

* Containers: Use whatever container works best for you! Reusable plastic or metal containers, such as small buckets and yogurt containers are highly recommended. We also love getting food scraps in paper bags. The bag is a “brown,” carbon-rich material, which (when shredded) is a great complement to your food scraps, which are usually nitrogen-rich “greens.”

Thank you kindly for your help!